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Open Map Project – my first efforts around home

August 26, 2009

It’s been about three days or so since I joined up with the Open Street Map project. I’ve spent that time working out how to produce GPS traces as a GPX file that I can upload (DONE).

I’m using the “Nokia Sports Tracker” on my Nokia E90 (built-in GPS). I have that set-up on my dashboard as I drive around. You can see an E90 here…

Nokia Sports Tracker is really intended for people to track their jogging/walking/etc but it lends itself very effectively to the production of GPX files for OSM. You can get it here…

Any Nokia phone with a built-in GPS should work with this software.

For editing I’m just using the on-line editor (Potlatch) which I’ve found to be fine for my purposes so far. So far I’ve done the streets around my home ( ).

If anyone in the local area wants some help setting up a Nokia with the Sports Tracker software, just send me a message (through my OSM profile here… ) and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Mike Smith –

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