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Nutrition and Vitamin D3

September 17, 2009

HEADLINE:  The Swine Flu (H1N1) will be prevented in most people by use of an inexpensive dietary supplement of vitamin D3 that can be obtained from the local pharmacy for a few cents per dose.  Vaccinations are still advised though for people in “at risk” groups.


To quote from the September 2009 Mayo Clinic Health Letter ( )

Recent reports on vitamin D suggest that it offers many benefits, especially
for older adults. Findings point to improved balance, reduction in the risk of
bone fractures, and better thinking skills such as planning, organizing and
abstract thinking. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders,
infections such as tuberculosis, and periodontal disease. Low vitamin D levels
also may affect certain cancers, including colon, breast and prostate cancers.

Vitamin D is generally produced through exposure of the skin to the sun, however, many of us don’t produce enough because we work indoors, cover our skin with clothing, have darker pigmented skin, or production in the skin has declined due to our age.  It is a particular problem for darker pigmented people working away from the equator or people for whom custom dictates full coverage of the body by clothing.  In most cases for all people, Vitamin D in the body falls to very low levels during winter or monsoon periods and this is a direct cause of seasonal influenza, many other infections, and some cancers.

I’d encourage you to do your own research on this.  If you’re interested there are a few good starting points here…

For some years my wife and I have been taking a standard multi-vitamin along with a vitamin B supplement  and fish oil.  Now we have added a 2,000 IU dose of vitamin D3 each day.

Please have a look and forward this information on to your family, your friends, and other connections if you feel it has merit.  And please tell me what you think by leaving a comment.

Mike Smith –

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