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Streaming Information – What are you making yourself in to?

July 11, 2010

I just stumbled across a new blog that has peeked my interest.

I’ve started going back through some of the previous blog posts and they are mostly very interesting.  I want to read more so I subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed so that the posts will come up in my Google Reader.

Interestingly, the author has written a book on the same/similar topics.  I could go and buy the book.  Surely if I find the blog interesting I would also find the book interesting (probably true).  But, if I continue to read the “stream of information” in the RSS feed, won’t I get the salient information anyway.

I wonder if the consistent exposure to the subject matter over an extended period of time would result in a more thorough integration of the subject matter than the single event of reading the author’s book or even taking a course of study on the topic.

Is this what education will become?  Less a series of events and exercises and more a stream of information that a person is constantly exposed to.

I know a lot of facts and think about a good many things, many of these facts and things are what I am exposed to every day in my environment.

This environment is one I’ve set up for myself over time and contains a lot of podcasts (see links on this blog-page) and also a good number of feeds of articles from interesting and insightful authors.

So this is what I’m making myself into, the things I’m choosing to listen to and read about are the things that will influence my life and the lives of those around me.

What are you listening to and reading?

What are you making yourself into?

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