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about dominoconsultant

I grew up in Adelaide in South Australia very close to the beach and was a volunteer Life Saver throughout my teen years.  After High School I went to Adelaide University but had to withdraw from my Bachelor of Science in the 2nd year because of family reasons.  After doing Karate for many years I obtained my international grade black belt (1st dan) in the Seishikan style.  I haven’t trained for quite a while.

Career Movements

I have lived and worked in Adelaide; Melbourne; Canberra; and Sydney, all in Australia.  I have also worked in Rochester, Minnesota for a short stint and Boulder, Colorado for 3 1/2 years where I met my 2nd wife.

After moving back to my home city (Adelaide, South Australia) I am currently working in Adelaide after having worked in Murray Bridge for a few years.

My on-line resume can be found here…


I have a son in his late teens from my 1st marriage who lives with his mother interstate.  We have recently re-connected through Facebook.

My parents are both still alive and live an hour away in Goolwa, South Australia.  My older Brother lives in Adelaide, South Australia and my Sister (also older) lives in Barlings Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

My Maternal Grandfather is still with us and lives a stones throw from my Mother.

My In-laws are in Colorado, USA.  We have visited a few times since moving to Australia about seven years ago.  Our most recent trip to the USA was for my brother-in-law’s wedding.


We recently sold our freshly renovated home in Murray Bridge and have now moved very close to the city centre of Adelaide.  We are also trying to downsize our lives to enjoy a more lean and minimalist lifestyle.

We pre-sort & recycle all our glass/metal/paper/plastic/cardboard for curb-side recycling collection.  We still head down to the local recycling depot every few weeks because we have good deposit legislation in our state (like California).

Personal Philanthropy (at least that’s what I call it)

I’m a regular blood plasma donor (every two weeks) and am also a registered organ donor.  My wife is a registered organ donor but can’t bring herself to give blood.


The “dominoconsultant” personal brand is something I first started developing back in 1996 when I set up my Hotmail account.  Back then I was heavily involved with a software product from Lotus called Domino, otherwise known as Lotus Notes.  I still work with this product on a day-to-day basis and consult/freelance on it.  Since I have a VERY common name, I have continued to use “dominoconsultant” over the years to the point that I can’t really sever myself from it.


At times in the past I have been very active on LinkedIn but don’t consider myself a “networker”.  I’m just trying to work out how this social media thing operates.

The best way to find out more about my professional background is to view my profile on LinkedIn at …

I am active in various communities on the web and you can find links to some of those over here at my Google Profile…

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